• Truth Treatment Systems Regenerex LED Pro Device
  • Truth Treatment Systems Regenerex LED Pro Device

Truth Treatment Systems Regenerex LED Pro Device

Truth Treatment Systems Regenerex LED Pro Device is a rechargable LED Mask. 

 Intended for cosmetic use.

The hands-free, cordless design of the Regenerex LED Pro Device is ideal for full facial coverage for faces of all shapes and sizes. The Regenerex LED Pro Device provides adjustable intensities with three LED color options: red, blue and yellow. Designed for use with all Truth Treatment Systems. For an advanced treatment, use with Truth Treatment Systems ElectroLite Facial Mask.

Red Light: Wavelength: 630nm ± 3nm. Red light stimulates collagen protein formation, initiates cell activity and lessens the appearance of wrinkles, making skin ruddy and supple.

Blue Light: Wavelength: 450nm ± 3nm. Blue light kills acne-causing bacteria and relieves discomfort. For the treatment of mild-to-moderate inflammatory acne.

Yellow Light: Wavelength: 583nm ± 3nm. Yellow light promotes blood circulation and initiates cell activity, which lessens the appearance of freckles and scars, improving complexion.



1. Make sure remote is charged above 20% prior to connecting. Connect the remote to the device.

2. Adjust the support headband to a suitable angle.

3. Put on the mask and begin treatment.

4. Put the mask and remote into storage base after use.

Auto Mode: Press once for auto mode. Default time is 25 minutes, default brightness is set to 'low.' Red light duration: 9 minutes, yellow light duration: 8 minutes, blue light duration: 8 minutes. Will shut down automatically.

Manual Mode: Manual selection among red, yellow and blue. Press 'COLOR' once for red light, twice for yellow, and three times for blue. Intensity and time can both be adjusted.

Intensity Control: Three gears of brightness adjustments. Default brightness is set to ‘low.' Press 'INTENSITY +' to increase and 'INTENSITY - to decrease.

Timing: The default time for auto mode is 25 minutes, which is not adjustable, while intensity is. The default time for manual mode is 5 minutes. Time can be adjusted by 5 minutes when pushing the 'TIME' buttons. (Note: The longest time for red light is 17 minutes, blue is 25 minutes, and yellow is 20 minutes.)

  • $349.00